The Ivan Wislon Concept - Photograph by Warwick Lowe Photography

The Ivan Wilson Concept are a 5 piece from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, playing alt-country/ americana music with hints of everything from 80s British new wave to Johnny Cash.

They play darkly gothic tales of sex, death, sexy death and dirty cowgirls.....

Iain Watson - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Tom Stebbing - Guitar, Vocals
Reuben Kemp* - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal
Ronnie Hatt** - Bass
Dave Bacon** - Drums and Percussion

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 *Reuben also plays with Black Sands
**Ronnie and Dave also play with The Jon Hart Band

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Read the interview that Iain and Tom did with B-Side magazine


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(thanks to Andrew Akehurst for this video)


Photograph by Warwick Lowe Photography